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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Traveler's Secret

I travel a lot. I love the whole experience of travel, from packing to hanging out in airports, but I have a secret. I'm prone to motion sickness. Fortunately, it never happens on planes but boats, trains, cars? Big worries. I know every old wives tale and trick to prevent it. Don't read, make sure your eyes can see the horizon, eat salt, eat ginger, stay in an upper level cruise cabin. Sometimes these work, sometimes they don't. This poses a nasty little problem for a travel writer. I refuse to miss an experience because there's a chance I'll get sick. That means that I have clutched the railing of a sailboat, reeling with nausea as I gazed at a sublime St. Lucian sunset. I have curled up into a ball on a stunning Belize beach because I was retching from the big cruise ship(I hate cruises, this is just one reason) that brought me there. I barely made it through the 2 hour car trip through Brazilian coffee plantations before I was overcome with dizziness.
What I have learned is that it makes a big difference if you prevent motion sickness rather than try to cure it. So I purchased two acupressure bands that press on the points in your wrist that prevent nausea. They work if I remember to put them on before I get sick. I rarely do. Partly because they are ugly, dirt-colored bands that never coordinate with my ensembles. But I've just discovered a fly solution to my problem. Psi Bands are acupressure bands with style. They are waterproof, sleek and adjustable bracelets that come in bright colors and graphic designs fit for a fly girl. You can get them at Rite Aid or at Somehow, I think I'll remember to wear these before I get sick. What motion sick remedies have worked for you?

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