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Monday, March 2, 2009

Taste Trippin'

Although most of my trips are scheduled, sometimes I like to fly off with spur- of -the minute jaunts. This weekend, I dashed off to Jamaica, Cuba and Peru with a quick detour to Spain. Instead of feeling strangled with jet lag, I feel full, very full. That's because my trips involved a visit to my favorite Nuevo Latino/Caribbean eatery, Cuatro. I started out with a visit to Spain, sipping on a white wine sangria sprinkled with berries. I'm a lightweight drinker and it almost knocked me out so I traveled to Peru, for a devine ceviche with hearts of palm, avocado and whitefish. For my main excursion, I tripped over to Jamaica and Brazil for jerk chicken drenched in tamarind sauce and spicy morros y christanos accented with plantanos. Meanwhile, my traveling companions ventured into Brazil for my favorite moqueca, which I was too stuffed to sample. It was a satisfying journey that almost completely transported me, except for the good old Chicago house music that blasted a reminder that I was still at home.

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That's a great idea for having a travel experience right at home. I find myself making a few dishes of places I've visited in the weeks after the return home.
Omg I wish I could travel as much as you do, the food looks so yummy.
The food looks really tasty... and what a great round the world trip in just one restaurant
Gennaro, I think real travel is experienced with all the senses, at any time!

Ebony, you can do lots of traveling with all the African, Caribbean and Chinese restaurants in Toronto!

Catherine, it was quite a ride!
That's what I'm talking about!
Loved this post. Sampling the world right at home.

Now I'm hungry
Lola, I'm sure you have lots of ligonberry sauce and Swedish pancakes to sample at home!
Looks so delicious. You are quite the chef.
Stephen, I don't know about being a chef, but I'm quite the eater!
This sounds like just the type of place I'd love!
I've yet to have the nerve to try cerviche, then again, I've never seen it on a menu around here. How was it?
Dominique, I'm allergic to shellfish and I used to avoid it too. Then I tried a wonderful red snapper ceviche in the Dominican Republic and loved it! The Cuatro veggie ceviche still haunts me, it was fabulous!
This sounds like some very good eating. You have excellent taste :^)
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