About Me

Rosalind Cummings-YeatesSince I come from three generations of women who read obsessively, piling books on windowsills and stowing them in kitchen cabinets so they’d be readily handy, I really had no choice but to become a writer.

It was either that or own a bookstore and I’m just too antsy for that.

Bookstores require your presence or at least focused attention and I’d rather be reading, writing or traveling. Preferably all three together.

I starting reading and writing (though not too neatly according to my English teacher mother) at a very early age. The traveling came by the time I was a teen and had observed my grandmother fill three passports of her journeys through six continents.

She always traveled with as many books as she had suitcases and managed to come back with dazzling tales of her adventures. So I started traipsing across continents and gathering adventures too. I never plan to stop.

Some people say that I talk as much as I read and write but these are the same people who call me bossy. I’m also part of three generations of teachers who do tend to be a tad bossy but I also had no choice in this.

The talking part comes in handy when I teach as an adjunct journalism professor at Columbia College Chicago as well as when I conduct my famously in-depth interviews.

When I’m not writing or reading, traveling or teaching, I’m usually listening to music or viewing art, fashion or theater.  I live in Chicago with my husband and two children.